How the Circular Economy will Impact your Fashion

How the Circular Economy will Impact your Fashion

It’s 2023, and the circular economy is here to stay in the world of fashion. Reusing and upcycling are being embraced as ways to cut down on waste.

Parts of the industry may still be playing catch-up, but it's become commonplace – and a fashion statement in itself – to wear vintage or pre-loved clothing. This is especially the case in the world of sports jerseys.

Unfortunately, one danger with shopping on sites like eBay, is that you never know exactly what you’re going to get. When shopping for vintage items, this risk is further increased. Whether it’s dodgy fakes or a damaged item passed off as new, every jersey collector has a horror story or two.

That’s why at the Upcycled Locker, we’ve innovated. The Upcycled Locker was created by fans, for fans. We’ve embraced the circular economy while taking the risks out of online vintage shopping.

With our range of vintage jerseys, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

So whether you’re looking for vintage football jerseys or a specific world cup piece, check out our range today!

What is a Circular Economy?

A circular economy is an economic system based around reusing and regenerating materials in a sustainable way, as opposed to an economy based on generating, using, then disposing of goods.

So how does this apply to clothing?

Everybody wants a jersey that’s high quality and built to last, so it’s only natural that a premium jersey will pass hands multiple times throughout its life.

Sure, it may pick up some minor wear and tear over time, but when you’re working with premium goods, it’s worth putting in a little effort to restore them back to their former glory.

With a circular fashion economy, you get high-quality items at discounted, pre-owned prices, all while helping the environment. It also provides you with a customer base to resell a jersey, should you decide you no longer want it. With a circular fashion economy, everybody wins!

How Does this Impact Fashion?

The style impact of a circular economy can be summed up in one word – timeless.

These items are built to last, as opposed to fast fashion items which won’t last long. This doesn’t just have an effect on the environment, but also on style trends.

Whether you like putting together an outfit or just want to rock an awesome jersey, a timeless style is one everyone can embrace.

It means high-quality items will remain in the fashion spotlight, whether you want to wear these simply or put them together as part of a versatile outfit.

The Upcycled Locker

Now that you’ve heard all of the great benefits of a circular fashion economy, take the plunge and find something great at the Upcycled Locker!

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