What Do We Mean by Upcycling?

What Do We Mean by Upcycling?

You’ve heard of recycling before, but are you familiar with upcycling? Whereas recycling is breaking down an item into raw materials and making something new, upcycling means creating a new purpose for an existing item.

Upcycling is quite a broad term and could apply to anything from simply purchasing a pre-owned item to finding a creative new purpose for it. So if you’re looking for an American football jersey, and find one that’s not up to scratch, consider upcycling it in a creative way.

The Freedom of Choice

The best thing about upcycling is the freedom of choice it brings. We all have our favourite players and teams, but in many cases, your jersey of choice will be a limited item.

If you’re looking exclusively for a brand new garment then you’re forced to choose between the restricted current range or contend with predatory price-gougers online.

Whether it’s paying an astronomical amount or getting a dodgy unofficial item, most of us have felt guilty about a merchandise purchase at some point.

Choosing to buy a preowned jersey is a guilt-free choice. There is a huge range out there, so you are much more likely to find exactly what you want – and at a reasonable price.

Making the Most of Your Money

Sports jerseys are great for more things than just wearing. Framed sports jerseys are an iconic part of many fans’ collections. If frames aren’t your style, there are many more ways to display a jersey. The only limit is your imagination.

Framing a sports jersey for display is a great way to upcycle.

Some pre-owned sports jerseys could have minor staining or tears at the extremities. When displaying a jersey in a frame, you only see one side of it, making it the perfect use for such a jersey.

This is creative upcycling at its best! Why spend the full amount on a brand-new jersey to frame when a slightly damaged jersey could give the exact same look for a much cheaper price?

Quality Assured

When buying vintage items online, quality is something that can be of valid concern. Many sites perform little to no quality checks and go by the judgement of sellers, putting you at risk of being taken advantage of.

At the Upcycled Locker we take a genuine look at every single item, letting you know exactly what to expect. It’s great to be able to buy vintage items online without the risk of dodgy sellers.

Upcycled Locker

We’re a community. An initiative designed for fans by fans. Frustrated by jersey shopping online, we’ve taken action. We’ve created an innovative way to purchase genuine second hand jerseys. The Upcycled Locker gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a good deal on a genuine item.

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