What is Circular Fashion?

With consumers becoming more conscious of their purchasing, the circular economy has become a big part of the fashion landscape - and we are here for it. 

Circular fashion means breaking those moulds of single-use and disposal. This can be seen in the likes of replica items or where items are mass-produced for the purpose of being sold at a cheap rate. These are usually made with unethical methods and poor-quality materials. 

With circular fashion, it's the opposite. It’s exactly that - circular. Everything comes back around and is used until it can’t be used anymore. 

Circular fashion is made thoughtfully, it’s slow, it's recycled, it's repurposed, it’s authentic and quality. In this blog we will cover the aspects in which a circular economy can be recognised. 


According to Inside Waste, Australians are purchasing an average of 27kgs of new clothing per year and throwing out 23kgs. This equates to a massive disposal of roughly six tonnes of textiles per year.  

Circular fashion can be categorised as vintage, retro, upcycled or recycled. It’s reusing items that are still functional and giving them new life, creating a more sustainable way to craft looks. When shopping sustainably, we are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills. 

Not only are we limiting our carbon emissions through the circular economy, we are also feeding into an ethical economy. 


Shopping knock-offs or replicas is not only an unsustainable way to shop, it also means your item isn’t quite right. It may have the wrong logo placement, different materials than the authentic jerseys, a different product tag or a player matched to the wrong number. 

With circular fashion, each item has a purpose to curate a look that will be timeless. Recycled and repurposed clothing is often rare and unique, crafting an incredible vibe you will wear, have, and cherish forever. 


Not only are knock-offs fleeting in style, they're fleeting in construction. Made with the cheapest possible materials that fall-apart quickly and cannot be sustainably broken down, opting for recycled clothing often means that it is of good quality. 

Because of its incredibly sturdy construction, circular fashion comes back around time and time again. A true authentic jersey will last you a lifetime. 

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