How to Frame a Sports Jersey: a Step-by-step Guide

How to Frame a Sports Jersey: a Step-by-step Guide

Framing a sports jersey is a fantastic way to celebrate your favourite team or player and preserve the memories of your favourite sporting moments.

Whether you're a basketball enthusiast or a fan of football jersey framing is a great way to create a unique and impressive piece of memorabilia that adds a touch of personality to any room.

Sure, you could always buy a professionally framed jersey from an art store – but that could easily hurt the hip pocket. Instead, why not save some of your hard-earned money and have some fun by framing one yourself? Plus, when you buy one of our upcycled jerseys, you can save even more by getting an amazing jersey at a great price.

Step 1: Choose a Frame and a Mat Board

First things first, you need to choose a frame. Consider the colours of your jersey, and what kind frame could match or contrast these to make your jersey pop. Beware of anything too fancy, as it will just only draw attention away from the jersey.

Next up, grab a mat board. This will be positioned between the jersey and the back of the frame to keep it sturdy in place. Consider the colour, just as you did with the frame.

Step 2: Cut the Board to Shape

Now it's time to cut the mat board to size. Use a ruler and a sharp blade to carefully cut it to your frame’s shape. Cut it slightly larger than the jersey, so that you can get a nice border. If you’re unsure about sizes, always cut it larger and then go back and make adjustments.

Step 3: Mount Your Jersey

Carefully lay your clean jersey face down on a clean surface. Use some mounting tape or pins to attach it to the mat board. Make adjustments until you’re happy with how it looks.

If your jersey has sleeves, consider folding them up and tucking them behind the jersey. This will make it look neat and tidy, and prevent any sleeves from awkwardly sticking out. Ensure that your jersey is properly centered and smooth, so it looks sharp and fresh.

Step 4: Consider Adding Extras

Got any extra sports memorabilia that you want to show off? These can be further added to the mat board for a personalised touch! Think game tickets, autographs, patches, or logos.

Step 5: Frame Your Jersey

It’s finally time to put the whole piece together. Carefully place the mat board with the attached jersey into the frame. Make sure everything is snug and secure, and give it a good once-over to make sure nothing has slipped out of place.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Finished Piece

There’s only one step left, finding the perfect spot to show off your work! Look for a dry spot away from direct sunlight, and use a picture hook or nail to hang it up

Still Looking for the Perfect Jersey?

At the Upcycled Locker, we’re passionate sports enthusiasts, but we know the collecting sports memorabilia can be an expensive hobby. That’s why we’ve curated high-quality jerseys at great prices. If you’re still looking for that perfect jersey to frame, browse our ranges today!

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