5 Reasons why Second-hand Jerseys are Better than New Ones

5 Reasons why Second-hand Jerseys are Better than New Ones

At the Upcycled Locker, we’re passionate purveyors of second-hand sports jerseys, including NFL jerseys. Like you, we’re frustrated by the state of jersey shopping online, with grifters and fakes abundant. It’s hard to look for something as simple as soccer jerseys for sale without coming across scam artists or price-jacked items.

That’s why we’ve chosen to innovate, offering premium second-hand jerseys at discount prices. You’ll always pay a fair price and know exactly what you’re buying. There are more than a few reasons to choose a second-hand jersey over a new one, so read on to find out why second-hand is not second best.

Save on Costs

The initial draw for second-hand items is generally a discounted cost. This is very true, and purchasing sports jerseys second-hand can be significantly cheaper than buying them brand new. In some cases, you can find gently used jerseys for a fraction of the cost of a new one. It may have just been worn once or simply used for display, yet you’ll save a massive amount compared to one that’s practically identical.

It’s Great for the Environment

When you choose to buy something second-hand, rather than new, you're reducing demand for new products, which helps to conserve resources and reduce waste. By choosing to buy used sports jerseys, you're keeping them out of landfill and giving them a second life.

High-Quality Official Items

High-quality, official jerseys are much better than fakes. They’re made of premium materials that will last for years to come, so it's a much better choice to buy a second-hand official item than a new, fake one. Additionally, many people buy sports jerseys for collection or display, rather than actually wearing them. This means that there are many second-hand sports jerseys available in an almost new condition.

It Increases Access to Rare and Vintage Pieces

Second-hand sports jerseys are a treasure trove for collectors and fans looking for rare and vintage pieces. You can find a variety of jerseys from teams or players that are no longer in circulation or find a unique version of a jersey that's hard to come by. New jerseys can have skyrocketing prices, but if you take advantage of upcycling, you can still find them at great prices.

Unique Style

Uniforms don’t have to be uniform! If you’re looking for a fashion accessory that reps your favourite team while still standing out and expressing your individuality, then upcycled jerseys are the perfect place to start. You can find jerseys with alternative designs or colours to the ones currently on the market.

The Upcycled Locker

So, have we sold you on second-hand jerseys? Browse our great ranges today and get a great deal on a unique piece!

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